Skywest considers takeover bid, which is worth up to £10bn

Skywest considers takeover bid, which is worth up to £10bn.

He confirmed on Wednesday that he was planning to bid for the airline after finding a buyer.

“I am a bit of a fan of Southwest Airlines,” Mr Murdoch told Bloomberg. “And they are doing really well in the US market.”


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By BBC Business Reporter Jon Smith in Washington

Not long after the announcement of the deal being struck, a large corporate shareholder in Boeing said it wanted “to make the most of these things we don’t yet have in terms of technology”.

A number of major financial companies are looking at flying in an even larger numbe우리카지노r of people over the next 10 to 20 years: in particular, the likes of GE and Wal-Mart have announced they are expanding their US operations there.

Boeing’s proposed deal will mean an even wider range of people – including hundreds of thousands of low-paid employees – able to board its planes from airports across the US.

The airline will be buying the US-built Boeing 777, for around $70bn (£49bn; €74bn). It is the second of a series of big American carriers to look at joining hands – before they even formally announce this, another US carrier has announced it is interested. Virgin Atlantic has said it is in discussions with US airlines about the deal.

The US is by far the largest h바카라사이트ub for international jet travel with about 35,000 flights a day.

Mr Murdoch said he hoped to raise funds for his airline – which he bought for $21bn in 2012 – “by way바카라 of an investment portfolio” over the next few years.

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