Redbank power fail in August

Redbank power fail in August

Downtown office tower has gone through three renovations in the last year. (Toby Melville/The Star-Ledger)

A city commission recently ruled that the $500 million downtown office tower that replaced the historic East West Plaza will continue to operate as a part of an economic development district in a failed August flood.

The tower lost power from Sept. 21 through Aug. 8, the time frame that is required for an agency t마카오 카지노 슬롯 머신o make a formal recommendation to the city’s Utilities Department, said Steve Gorman, executive director of the commission.

No city staff member was consulted in the decision, so nothing in the commission’s analysis of the matter supports an official recommendation to close down the complex, which also incl괌 카지노udes a new office tower at the east end of the North End. The commission is still awaiting the city’s official recommendation.

Gorman was the only panel member who was consulted. His report was sent to city staff on Sept. 30.

Two commission members have left the commission after the August flood that gutted the tower and left nearly two dozen buildings underwater, while more than a dozen other members have remained in their roles.

Council President Russ Stark said the commission members had been asked to take over responsibility for managing the complex after the East West Plaza failed July 11, the first day the building was closed and for a month before.

The commission and staff members gathered in the downtown office building earlier this summer and heard arguments over the issues outlined in the city’s recommendation. (Toby Melville/The Star-Ledger)

Stark and others say the tower can’t continue to function as the economic development district until repairs are completed. At that time, they hope to have a final recommendation on the status of the tower before the end of 2018.

Stark said the commission’s recommendation that the tower go to the utilities for approval after the July 11 storm and allow it to continue operations was not recommended.

“The city council felt there was a lot of uncertainty about the state of the tower,” Stark said. 러시아 카지노“They felt, ‘How can they trust what we’re telling them?'”

City officials do not yet have a plan for what would happen to the tower if it was destroyed, but they believe it has value in the economic district.

The council recently approved a proposal to renovate the office tower with a new structure at the north end of the North End, to be called the Midtown Business Complex.

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