Murder charges after fire in home bomb shelter and car bomb attack

Murder charges after fire in home bomb shelter and car bomb attack

16:40 – 9 September, 2003 XO 카지노– A gunman holds a police officer hostage outside a police station in western Pakistan and detonates the bomb inside.

An armed gunman opens fire outside police headquarters in the eastern city of Lahore on Monday, killing one officer and wounding four others.

Police say the police officer killed was from the special police forces group and had been on a routine patrol when he was fatally shot. The police officer who died was shot by one of the attackers, the office of interior minister Mirwaiz Umar Khan told AFP news agency.

The police chief in Rawalpindi had said he was aware that the officer died but the other three were missing, according to the official News 18 news channel.

According to an Interior Ministry report published on Saturday, the police force was investigating a number of cases and believed it was part of a large-scale organised crime syndicate known as the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) or “Army of Darkness”.

Two militants killed the chief justice of Pakistan, another justice was wounded and two policemen died of bullet wounds in a police ambush on Friday night.

LeT and the rest of the country’s militant Islamist parties have been on the run since the 2007 Peshawar school siege, when they stormed a high school there killing 130 people, almost all children.

At least 30 militants have been killed so far this year.

LeT has since declared a nine-month “holy war”, launching suicide attacks on Shia mosques and accusing Pakistan government officials of corruption and complicity in killing their fellow militants.

Two others have already been killed, according to reports.

The army said the suspect had been arrested, with the identity of the dead and injured released, hours after the attack on police headquarters.

LeT said in a statement that “the nation needs peace and security”, but the army has not commented on this as of yet.

The Pakistan army, which won a series of international plaudits for its fighting against militants from across the border, has been on high alert following the killings in the capital and is searching for two suspects, the army said.

The militant group was behind an attack on a police training camp in Peshawar in April,마이다스 카지노 killing 17 policemen and seriously wounding 25 others, and has vowed more attacks against foreigners, especially the U.S., which has had a string of attacks in recent weeks in Lahore 로투스 홀짝and other cities

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