Lift booze prices drinking age health experts warn of ‘horrific consequences’

Lift booze prices drinking age health experts warn of ‘horrific consequences’

A government report into Australia’s drinking-age system has warned that the policy could have disastrous consequences and warned of “horrific consequences” if implemented.

Th우리카지노e National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence’s (NCADD) report published on Thursday warns that the alcohol policy introduced under former Labor governments has been “shaken by public pressure and widespread public criticism”.

The study, the most comprehensive yet of the policies implemented by the Rudd and Gillard Labor governments, is the first of what is expected to be a “volatile” review by the council and its recommendations published next year.

The report argues a 20-ounce (45-ounce) limit will reduce deaths from alcohol-related poisoning to “zero per cent” but adds it will be difficult to achieve.

“What we have here is something that we are taking into a big pot of boiling water, that is a policy which has been so badly botched for so long it is hard to imagine its success going beyond very little, if at all,” a spokeswoman for the Council told Guardian Australia.

“The alcohol policy is being used to put young people into a situation which could result in one or more deaths.”

The national health council, which commissioned the report, said it would publish an interim report with updated recommendations on October 1.

“There is very significant public support for a 21-ounce limit,” NCADD’s spokesman Paul Sheehan said.

“That means that it’s going to be difficult if not impossible for the government to impose a limit on that, which could result in the deaths of young people.”

While he said there had been no “significant public backlash” towards the government’s alcohol policy, a “significant number” had spoken out against the jarvees.compolicy.

“People are worried about their safety,” Sheehan said. “The public will not like it, but the fact that a number of people have said it means they are not necessarily wrong and therefore there is not a public outcry that people have felt they should be doing something to.”

In a speech to parliament on Wednesday, Mr Gillard said there was “the least we can do” to save lives by “prohibiting alcohol-fuelled problems, including road deaths”.

The Coalition says reducing alcohol-fuelled driving is the prime policy aim of its government. The ABC understands the Liberal and National partie더킹카지노s believe the government could support a limit o

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