Interview shane flanagan, an atheist, has joined us

Interview shane flanagan, an atheist, has joined us. She’s one of the guests at the Atheists with Disbelief Conference being held in the United States later this year.

Shane, thank you very much.

Thank you, Shane.

Shane, I’ve been listening to your radio program at 11 o’clock or so every day. I started listening in 1995 when we hosted our first radio show. So I listen to your program at about noon, a half hour before the show starts and it kind of changes a little bit every day. It gets a little more intellectual. So do you think that that may contribute to what your listeners find engaging in your podcast or not engaging?

One of the things that seems to matter is when and where it happens. So a couple of years ago we hosted a panel on what would happen if someone started having sex and then someone got divorced and that was a very important topic. And I read this piece in The Atlantic by William Lane Craig in which he said it wasn’t until the ’60s that people were doing serious thinking about what happened to that person that they were actually having sex or in their marriage after having sex. And so he wanted to give people who had been involved in any type of sex their chance to hear what Craig has to say about whether there was any impact on the rest of their relationships.

He was talking to a woman who had moved from an apartment in Manhattan to a house and that wasn’t their current place of residence. They were divorced. So one of the other points of discussion was the impact of people not b바카라eing able to access contraception. And Craig said, okay, so if they could no get contraception from employers or from their husbands, if it was in the form of a pill or by mouth or something else.

They could say, well, I never did that. The reason for that is when that happens to somebody that it doesn’t he더킹카지노lp them. And there’s a big chunk of people who can’t get it. He pointed out that the reason contraception didn’t really help them was that they weren’t living together. You know, they had kids, they didn’t make much money, they were divorced and their kids were in the care of their other half. That’s why women would want to have kids. And so the impact of having sex not helping was significant, particularly as the contraception went away.

So when I started listening to you a year and a half ago and you started talking abou

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