Interview john inverarity:

Interview john inverarity:

“Now that there is a global consensus on climate change, the best time to promote climate action is now.” “If you can use our expertise in the areas of economics and 바카라finance to help develop economic policy in developing nations, you will do your job, at least at the cost of your own safety and comfort.” “We can help create opportunities for economic growth in developinatyasastra.comng countries by bringing our expertise in economics and finance to assist them as they try to make reforms in their nations.” “As long as America can’t reduce carbon pollution, China will be unstoppable. They will lead the planet to a greenhouse gas peak no other nation w우리카지노ill ever reach.”

You can check out the full list of “Top 9 Biggest Misquotes,” in our comprehensive resource report to debunk climate science, by clicking here. (via SkepticalScience)

(Image: NASA, LANCE MODIS, GISS, GISS, NASA, and CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons)

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