Industrial row brews over planned police act

Industrial row brews over planned police act

The two families — who live in Haverfordwest, Lincolnshire — are believed to have been unhappy about changes to the police force’s new policy of requiring them to pay £35 per day to protect them from burglars or other crime.

Cameraman Neil McDonald, 25, with the Daily Mail, said: ‘One day they’d like to pay £100 but I’m sure they’re not going to. They’re just desperate for something. We don’t really know.

‘The police officers have come to us with their concerns over that and it’s a bit of a Catch-22 in this sort of situation because you’re going to need to pay them money to protect themselves but they’re going to be putting pressure on you to take it. So they really are a pressure cooker on them.’

Cameraman Neil McDonald with police officers outside his mother’sgospelhitz home in Haverfordwest, Lincolnshire, after it was raided by undercover officers, looking for the family

It comes after the Police Federation demanded that the Met investigate a raid in August on a home in which it claimed a family was ‘pushing for’rehabilitation’ in prison’.

The force denied these claims, claiming to have ‘never provided for a’rehabilitation’ plan’.

But the officers claimed their demands for more money from the families, who do not want to return to the community, had become such a ‘huge demand’ that they had taken the threat of prosecution seriously.

After a meeting held by an undercover officer, police said their demands were’very clear and very reasonable’.

It has also come to light that the force had been collecting information on the families before the arrests.

At one point on October 31, police said they could no longer track down the parents who lived outside Harford and were due togospelhitz make a public statement.

A Met spokesman said: ‘Police forces across England and Wales are being targeted by a growing number of crime scenes, including at schools, banks and hospitals, where police have to deal with evidence which may or may not have been su바카라사이트bmitted by victims and witnesses to crime scenes.

‘We are constantly on the lookout for ‘criminals’, and in some cases, have reason to believe the person may pose a serious risk to the public and the police.’

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