Gillards record since rudd knifing under fire in 2010

Gillards record since rudd knifing under fire in 2010.

Cameron has been given assurances from the prime minister that he would get the job if the Conservatives won the upcoming general election, according to The Times. The paper cites a senior Tory source.

“If he takes the job he will win the race by the back door,” the source said.

Mr Cameron, the former chancellor, had previously been touted as an “outdoor” contender to succeed Sir John Chilcot, who died suddenly on July 13.

But he appeared to back off from his bid at the weekend after it was suggested he would be offered the job in a future coalition.

At the weekend Mr Cameron told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme he was still interested in the job as he did not want to be a “pre-requisite of whatever is being said” about the next general election.

But there are some in the party who would더킹카지노 prefer Mr Cameron to retain his position.

“The question for my party is whether or not they want to be a second-best alternative, and I can see some in the party wanting to play on that,” said a source.

A source close to Mr Corbyn also dismissed suggestions Mr Cameron was now set to succeed him as a bluff.

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