E timor swears in new president of country he called ‘idiotic and wrong’

E timor swears in new president of country he called ‘idiotic and wrong’ The son of an Indonesian president – which means a lot to a lot of Indonesians, as the leader’s parents were both killed in an accident on Indonesia’s Borneo island some years ago But on Thursday, it was claimed that his parents never actually had an English speaker as their translator and didn’t speak their own language. fundas samsung galaxy j5 This has fuelled rumors that the Indonesian president could now be ousted for his misdeeds. fundas huawei mate 20 “This is not the first time this has happened,” said the president’s spokesman, Samu Kema. fundas samsung galaxy s8 “In January, there was a lot of speculation in Indonesia about whether바카라 the president’s mother was a translator for the president, or vice versa.” The rumors stemmed from a documentary that had aired earlier this year which reported that former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had a teenage Indonesian daughter who was fluent in Indonesian and a mother who was a native speaker of English. custodia cover iphone The documentary said he had asked his daughter, Asma, to translate for him, although she was told that there was no interpreter in her home. fundas iphone x xs The Indonesian president, who was born into an elite family of politicians, would then often find himself with little help during his many diplomatic trips around the world, and often struggled for a simple lunch. fundas huawei p20 lite “These rumors are nothing 바카라사이트but part of a very unhealthy obsession with him which only shows a lack of understanding,” Kema added. fundas iphone 11 “It shows what kind of a person Indonesia 더킹카지노really is when it comes to foreigners.” The president’s father was assassinated three years ago by an Indonesian soldier in a roadside bomb attack.

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