Disability services strike continues despite talks, but talks are being held despite the strike by the majority of workers

Disability services strike continues despite talks, but talks are being held despite the strike by the majority of workers

By Alex Ritson

Juan Ignacio Oseguera, who helped found the union Solidarity Unidad Popular (USP), has been arrested during a demonstration protesting against illegal police attacks on miners in Guayaquil on Wednesday evening.

Oseguer바카라a has been held in police custody since Thursday, when a strike by workers in Guayaquil escalated into violence between police and miners. The arrest followed a four-hour shutdown of Guayaquil’s main railway station, leading to the cancellation of trains to and from the region. Oseguera is the USP’s representative at a meeting of the USP’s Central Committee of Workers Solidarity. He told the Guardian on Saturday that he had been arrested to prevent him from attending talks held between Guayaquil’s president and President Rafael Correa’s government on Tuesday in which he had hoped the Guayaquil workers strike would “make a difference,” but it instead led to a continuation of violence.

Oseguera is being held alongside several hundred USP members at a building where USP members were also present on Wednesday, a statement released by the USP said.

A group of USP members called on authorities to release them immediately as they had come under threat and were “completely without work permit rights.” The USP will hold a news conference tomorrow to demand further demands on rights for union members.

Oseguera was also on the USP’s Central Committee on Wednesday, with his lawyer at the centre of the strike, Rafael Ochoa. The union was trying to convince the president of Guayaquil, Rafael Correa, to stop the violence that the union says has killed more than 150 people since July 5. USP members say the strikers’ dema바카라nds include: more access to the government for their medical treatment, better training for police and medical personnel at the district hospital, to allow police to remove injured miners as well as increase the number of firefighters.

Oseguera told the Guardian he had also asked the USP to send a representative to the Guayaquil meeting, the third for this day on USP’s Central Committee, he said.

Oseguera said his arrest was an attempt to force authorities to listen to the USP’s demands, given the union’s history of being one of tgospelhitzhe last remaining unions in the country for whom union members “don’t jus

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