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Top 5 Tips to Speed Up iCloud Backup

by Jenefey Aaron Updated on 2020 07 13 / Update for iCloud Tips

The importance of backing up your data on iCloud, iTunes, or aided by a third party service cannot coque samsung a40 kawai be understated. You may easily lose your phone, forget your coque couleur samsung a50 passcode or it may crash. Backing up your data on iCloud, one of Apple’s solutions, is great since it keeps you within the ecosystem. However, coque samsung s7 it takes annoyingly long periods, coque rhinoshield samsung a8 2018 at times, even coque starbucks samsung j3 2016 hours, to fully back up your files. The most obvious reason behind this is that iCloud is a Wi Fi based backup solution which may not be ideal if you want to back up a couple of gigs of coque silicone a8 samsung data. This article offers important recommendations on how to speed up iCloud backup process. Do it manually by tapping on Settings and assessing how different apps coque a10e samsung and data types have taken up storage. Locate this under Manage Storage which is under the Storage category.

There are three ways to go about coque huawei mate it. Clear app coque de samsung a20e le roi lion cache, manually delete data or use third party apps to automatically get rid of files you won’t need.

Tenorshare iCareFone is a third party software solution that helps you clean up your iPhone by deleting unwanted files, locating large files that take up lots of storage, backup data before deletion and fully erasing your iPhones contents. All the while protecting personal data from your contacts apps, browser history and emails.

How to use iCareFone to coque psg samsung a50 clean up samsung galaxie a10 alapmk coque unwanted data Here’re the steps:

Step 1: Download and install iCareFone on your computer.

Step 4: Select the type of data files you want to delete and follow the prompts. You can backup and compress photos before deleting them.

Tip 2: Disable Backups of Large Files

How to speed up iCloud backup restore iOS offers you a great way to choose which files and apps to backup. Disabling relatively riverdale coque samsung a40 large files such as videos, photos, podcasts and audio will, for obvious reasons, speed up the backup time. Apple only offers 5GB of free iCloud storage: more reason to avoid backing up large files on the cloud based storage solution.

Disable the file ostop coque pour samsung galaxy a7 types mentioned above under Settings> iCloud and deselect the file types. For photos coque huawei p30 you could coque 360 a70 samsung narrow down to the specific photos you’d want to back up by visiting Settings> iCloud> Photos and coque samsung j3 2017 dragon ball disabling different options: photo streams, burst photos, iCloud photo sharing and iCloud photo library.

Tip 3: Turn off Unnecessary samsung j3 2017 coque pas cher Backups

iCloud backup taking days Data from most apps on our iPhones are not only unimportant, but redundant too. It’s only prudent to avoid backing them up. Do this under Settings > General > Storage iCloud Usage > Manage Storage > Show All Apps (choose coque samsung note data from unnecessary apps) > Turn Off Delete.

Tip 4: Backup Large coque pour j3 samsung coque samsung j5 2016 Files on Mac/ PC

iCloud backup taking hours Photos, samsung galaxy a20 coque videos and audio files take up most of your iPhone storage, are large and therefore, slows down the backup process. Secondly, the free iCloud storage is not sufficient enough and you could work around this by simply storing data on your computer which undoubtedly has more space. You cloud even do it on iTunes. There are a number of software solutions from Tenorshare that come in handy…

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