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GTA V Online Becomes Battleground for Hong Kong and Mainland China Protestors

Over the last couple of months, the protests in Hong Kong, China have made global headlines after hundreds of thousands coque iphone xr of Chinese citizens have been actively protesting against the current government for introducing a new extradition bill. And now, the protests have made their way to Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V Online. Yes, players from coque samsung a5 Hong Kong are dressing up as protestors and coque samsung a6 actively clashing with Mainland players violently.

Hong Kong Protests in Los Santos

Rumors spread online amongst players etui coque samsung j5 from Hong Kong when a few gamers pointed out that they could now dress up as protesters in GTA V Online through the new update for the game that was released a couple of weeks ago. The news coque samsung a40 dessin soon spread online through LIHKG, which is like the Chinese coque samsung galaxy a70 tigre version coque one piece samsung galaxy a40 of the samsung galaxy j3 2016 coque silicone mickey social media platform Reddit. Once the news leaked, people started dressing up as protestors and organizing protests in the game as well. Soon, players from Mainland China also showed stitch coque samsung j3 2016 up and responded by dressing as riot police with water cannon trucks. That when the violent Hong Kong protests got played out in Los Santos as well. The news was first reported by Abacus, a Hong Kong based news portal.

The coque fluo samsung j5 2016 viral Hong coque samsung a50 silicone pastel Kong protests sparked in June this year over the introduction of a new controversial extradition bill by the Chinese regime and have since evolved into violent mass scale clashes and anti government demonstrations. Gamers from Mainland China as well as Hong Kong have made the virtual city of Los Santos their battleground.

The New Update

The latest version of GTA V Diamond Casino Heist update that came coque samsung j3 2017 doux out recently brought new clothing items to the coque samsung a70 game including yellow hard hats and gas masks that have since become the dress code for the Hong Kong protestors in coque oreille samsung j3 the game.

The players announced on LIHKG that they made a new set of coque samsung j3 2017 paillette liquide clothing nicknamed Glory to Hong Kong along with a crew called Stand With Hong Kong. Protestors from this crew have been wreaking havoc in Los Santos, trashing subway stations and attacking police vehicles with petrol bombs.

The growing violence resulted in an epic fight between Hong Kong and Mainland protestors in the game, which the latter won because of their bigger numbers, according to social media discussions on Weibo. Thus, it is banned in the country. However, users can download the game from the Steam gaming store and play it through various other loopholes coque samsung j3 2016 cr7 on the Internet.

The Future is Here

The recent breakout coque samsung galaxy j3 6 animaux of the Hong Kong protests in the fictional city of Los Santos in GTA V seems straight coque samsung j3 plus out of something like Steven Spielberg 2018 sci fi movie Ready Player coque samsung a10 One.

Needless to say, however overrated this news may coque samsung a50 dragon ball seem, it certainly the beginning of a new era. With VR and advanced next gen simulation gaming on its way soon, this is probably how lots of more real world phenomena coque ariana grande samsung galaxy j3 2017 will play out in the virtual world much as they did in Oasis in Ready Player One. Moreover, there another VR game called Hong Kong developed by activists for those who want to experience the protests without leaving their homes…

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