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Delight 1.8 custom firmware (CFW) released for the Nokia 808 PureView

Some phones never die. And the Nokia 808 is still going strong in some hands, thanks mainly to the untiring coque de samsung j3 2016 en silicone work of developers of custom firmware, who get around broken servers and certificates to keep an unsupported platform functioning in 2020. Here’s news of a brand new version of Delight CFW coque samsung j3 2017 cristiano ronaldo for the Nokia 808.

Long time AAS readers will remember the Nokia N93, a unique multi form factor smartphone with a barrel camera that included a genuine continuous 1 3x zoom lens system. It worked superbly, at least in good light, with the caveat that the reduced aperture when zoomed meant that evening and night shots suffered. Partly because of coque neymar samsung j5 2016 this, Nokia coque samsung a5 (and then the world) moved to computational coque samsung s8 photography and smart cropping into large, high coque samsung j3 2016 fantaisie megapixel sensors in order to try and zoom without the same coque samsung a40 a rabat degree of aperture loss, cuminating in 2012’s Nokia 808 and 2013’s Lumia 1020. But now comes news that a continuous zoom lens system may be making coque samsung j3 2017 angers sco a come back, 14 years on from the N93.

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The F(x)tec Pro1 now up coque iphone 6 for pre order

Back in March, I looked at the first hands on videos with the F(x)tec Pro1 prototype, inspired by the classic coque tete de mort samsung a50 slide and tilt mechanisms from the Nokia E7 (and N97 and N950), with full QWERTY functions hidden beneath a large touchscreen. Fast forward six months and the Pro1 is now a reality, with the company putting it up coque iphone xr for pre order, with hands on videos of the ‘final’ hardware. A review handset is coming to AAS/AAWP in the next few weeks, but I thought a quick round up was needed in the meantime.

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The imaging world moves on: 64MP and 100MP sensors imminent

Back in 2012 and 2013, with the launch of the 41MP sensored Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020, Nokia stunned the world. Computational photography in a phone and the output of these coque samsung a7 two devices still stand up well today, coque samsung j4 plus de marque in 2019. But 48MP sensors are now common and, seven years after the 808 debuted, the phone imaging world may be set to take another resolution leap.

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Nokia X71: this probably IS the PureView phone you looking for.

After the disappointment of the oddball ‘Nokia 9 PureView’, compared recently here to the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020 (etc), Nokia (at least the new Nokia brand under HMD) has now announced another contender, this time with a more conventional PureView 48MP f/1.8 sensor phew! The X71 is only just shown in China and will probably arrive in Europe as the ‘Nokia 8.1 Plus’, in a few months time. Consider this the latest phase of the original PureView if you will, but the only real link other than the use of ZEISS lenses is that there’s lots of computational photography going on.

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Released: Delight 1.7 Symbian OS update for the Nokia 808 (and N8 and E7)

The SIStore team, the most active developer team in the Symbian world, has just released as a Christmas present to the world(!) a whole new Delight Custom FirmWare (CFW) OS release for these three popular Nokia smartphones from the 2010 2012 era. All the details are below, though note that I personally haven’t installed this, so the usual caveats apply in terms of risk. Mind you, coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 newc if your six to eight year old smartphone’s in need of updates and a complete refresh then look no further!

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Nokia Software Recovery Tool (NSRT) update makes it work again

DigiPassion reports the welcome coque samsung a40 strass news that Microsoft has updated the old Nokia Software coque samsung a50 macaron Recovery Tool (NSRT) , thought abandoned, along with all some of the old Nokia Series 60/Symbian firmware images and it all now works again, coque samsung j5 smj500fn with images now firmly on Microsoft’s servers! Guess Microsoft is not quite the ‘evil empire’ after all Good news anyway, and this will breathe new life into quite a few older Symbian based phones. The coque silicone stitch samsung j3 2016 good news is that Wifi connectivity does work on the whole still, albeit without automatic xiaoximi coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 sm j320f connection. [Update] The URL has now coque samsung j3 2016 geek been restored presumably with Nokia’s cooperation, so you can relax again!

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Symbian over the air and Nokia Suite updates officially terminated

Unsurprisingly, the end of Symbian coque samsung j3 2016 barca as a viable smartphone platform just got even closer, with Microsoft (Symbian’s new owners after the Nokia Devices buy out) shutting down all the servers handling Over The Air and Nokia Suite firmware updates. In theory this will happen at the end of this year, but some readers are reporting that it’s all shut down already. Not that any of this will stop real Symbian hard core users, mind you, since the Delight custom firmware images are still available, as are SIS installation files for many third party applications. But, bit by bit, it’s getting harder and harder to stay on Symbian without an excessive amount of work…

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