Concordia captain reportedly admits to mistake

Concordia captain reportedly admits to mistake

The report from The Times reads:

“The captain said the young woman was his first time with her and that he had sex with her because he was ‘frightened’. He said: ‘I was trying to take her out of my mind… I got nervous. I felt very scared. My hands were down and I thought if I made her squirm she might break down.'”

A number of other incidents are also documented in the video, including one in which the driver of a white Ford E-350 allegedly drove across a red light and jumped the curb, causing the police to pull him 바카라over. The driver of a black Mercedes allegedly fled on foot in the wrong direction as the officers tried to pursue him.

The video shows officers yelling for the driver of the Mercedes not to keep running and at one point the driver apparently runs after another officer after a foot chase.

The officers say it was all consensual and the driver jarvees.comtold officers there was only a foot chase. Police report that he said there was no verbal verbal di바카라spute between the two parties.

But later, a police detective was filmed trying to record a verbal complaint between the two men.

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