Become an Energy Savings Expert in 3 Easy Steps

Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.

-Robert Collier

Did you know that most homes in the United Sates aren’t properly insulated and suffer from leaks, gaps, and holes?

Can you imagine running your A/C with your window open? According to the EPA’s Energy Star program; you can add up all of the air leaks in an average home, and it would be equivalent to leaving a window wide open every day of the year. Not only that, most homes also suffer from improper basement and attic ventilation. We aim to both, fix these problems, and save you money in the process. Following the three steps outlined below will bring you closer to becoming an expert in insulation and ventilation, as well as allowing you to reap major energy savings benefits!


Sealing off air leaks in a home is a fast and efficient way to reduce heating and cooling costs. If you are living in an older home, you probably have leakage in several key problem areas. Creating proper seals for these areas has been known to reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent!

The best part is, creating a proper seal for your home isn’t just going to save you money; it’s going to increase the overall comfort in your home as well! This is because, creating a proper seal will reduce drafts and help to regulate overall temperatures, prolonging the life of heating and cooling equipment. Further, sealing off these trouble spots has also been known to reduce the number of allergens that can enter the home.

Living in a newer home? Don’t be fooled, many newer homes are also susceptible to leaks, and sealing these off will still provide huge energy savings benefits! Below is a photo of some of the commonly found leaks in homes. Highly credible organizations, such as the Department of Energy or the EPA’s Energy Star Program, offer resources on how to find and seal these trouble spots.



Properly sealing a home isn’t the only way to achieve major energy savings. In Fact, there are several other ways in which to make your home more energy efficient. Properly insulating your home, for example, can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 45 percent. That being said, the better the insulation is at resisting heat, the lower the heating and cooling costs of a home will be.

To best understand how insulation works, it is important to understand the three basic mechanisms of heat transfer. That is; conduction, convection, and radiation:

The direct transmission of heat through a substance when a difference of temperature is present. It is well known that metals are good conductors of electricity. Similarly, they are also very good conductors of heat.
Fluids (Gases and Liquids) have a tendency to move because hotter, less dense, material rises while cooler, more dense, material sinks due to the influence of gravity. This results in the transfer of heat.
Emission of electromagnetic waves, also known as thermal radiation, and generally in the infrared region, also causes heat transfer.

Because of these mechanisms of heat transfer, heat flows from warm to cold, until there is no longer a difference in temperature. This happens both in the winter and in the summer, and is never favorable. The reason being; during the winter we don’t want all of our hot inside air getting out, and during the summer we don’t want all the hot outside air getting in. This is why insulation is so important. Good quality insulation will help keep hot air in when we want it, and out when we don’t. However, radiant heat can still cause problems.

That’s why some companies, like EFX Energy Technologies, manufacture ultra high-tech insulation that can also essentially make your home invisible to radiant heat while it regulates temperatures during the winter and summer.



It is well known that warm air rises and cool air sinks. What isn’t well known is that, for this reason, hot air often gets trapped inside of attics, increasing the overall temperature of the entire home. It is essential to properly ventilate this air from the attic if you intend to efficiently cool your home during the summer. One of the best ways to ventilate your attic is with a solar powered attic fan!

Solar powered attic fans will circulate the warm air out of the attic during summer months, and will help remove moisture that accumulates during the winter months. Best of all, solar powered attic fans are completely free to operate, because they generate all of the electricity they need on their own. This makes them a great way to even further increase your energy savings!

Solaro Energy Inc’s solar fans outperform and outlast conventional fans 10 to one. Along with their fireproof all metal parts, they use advanced airflow technology designed by engineers with years of aerodynamic engineering experience. Plus, all of Solaro Energy’s products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and distributed in America, by Americans!


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Dennis Grubb privately owns and engineers all of the Solaro Energy™ products, a manufacturer of residential and commercial solar powered lighting and solar powered attic ventilation products. He has over 25 years experience in design and engineering and over 15 years experience in harnessing solar power. Dennis is also the developer and holder of several patents for solar innovation. He developed one of the world’s first tubular skylights and one of the world’s first solar powered attic fans. Dennis is wholeheartedly dedicated to the renewable energy movement. He believes in the empowerment of individuals to produce and benefit from their...